1. What are all of your cupcake flavors? - There's a lot! We off over 60 flavors to choose from. Click HERE for our entire list of flavors that we offer.

2. I can't decide on what cupcake flavors I want! Do you have flavor categories to help me decide? - Are you a chocolate lover or are you more of a vanilla cake kinda person? Do you prefer a specific type of fruit or do you love the taste of coconut? No worries! We can help! Click HERE for a break down of all of our cupcake flavors.

3. What cupcake sizes do you offer? - We offer 3 different sizes: mini, regular, or large. Our mini and large sizes are available for walk-ins and special orders. Our regular size cupcakes are only available by special orders via online or by ordering over the phone (208)522-7788.

4. Do you deliver cupcakes? - Unfortunately no, we do not offer delivery services at this time. We do see this option happening in the near future. We will keep you posted!

5. Do you offer discounts for large cupcake orders? - 

6. Do you cater cupcakes for weddings and events? - Yes! We do! Click here to see more about our catering services.

7. What if I want a dozen cupcakes, but I want each one to be a different flavor? - We like the way you think! We do offer variety flavor packs and they are available in-store only and can not be purchase online. They are filled with what we currently have in stock and on display in our store for that day. You may request our variety flavor packs via phone or by walk-in. Call us at (208)522-7788 or walk-in to see what cupcakes are available and  "hot out of the oven" for that day. We are more than happy to fulfill your order while our supplies last for that day.

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