Blood Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Product Overview

Twig & Vine Olive Oil Co. - Blood Orange Infused Olive Oil

Tunisian Blood Oranges ripen at the exact time as olives. They are pressed together to obtain this beautiful, fresh tasting citrus olive oil. Our Whole Fruit Blood Orange is exceedingly versatile; use it on fish and seafood, chicken, fruit, salads and much more. Enjoy this blended with our Cranberry-Pear White Balsamic Vinegar for a lively, tart vinaigrette. Pair with Cinnamon Pear, Cranberry Pear, Dark Chocolate, Espresso, Pineapple, Tangerine or Vanilla Balsamic.


Recipes using Blood Orange Olive Oil:

blood-orange-granola.jpg *Blood Orange & Maple Granola {Recipe by Kristy Reese - Idaho Falls, Idaho}

cranberry-orange-cake.jpg Cranberry & Orange Olive Oil Cake {Recipe by Rachael Bradley - Veronica Foods}


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